It's our anniversary month! (also have a Q&A announcement)

Five years ago this month I started my YouTube career. On October 29, 2011, high-pitched-and-annoying me created my YouTube channel that would go on to have 1,000 subs and counting.

Yeah, its our anniversary month. Can you guys believe it! I've been on YouTube for almost a half-a-freaking decade! My God I feel old...

To celebrate (I think), I'm planning on doing a 5th Anniversary special come October 29. I want to take you guys behind the scenes and show you what's going on when I do videos and shit.

I also want to do another Q&A, so feel free to ask me your questions!

Here's how: - Comment on this video:

-Message me on Skype (if you're in my contacts. Please don't ask me to give you my Skype. I will only do it to people I know well and trust.)

- Tweet me on Twitter (@EthanNunn) with the hashtag #AskEthan

- EMail me at

- PM me on YouTube (sometimes I don't get a notification when I receive a PM on YouTube, if you want, message me anyways)

- If any of you guys who are reading this are friends with me on Facebook, go ahead and ask if you want (To anyone else, please don't ask me to give you my personal Facebook).

You have until October 27, that's plenty of time!

Thank you all for all of your amazing support over the last 5 years! Here's to another 5!