Junior Year: First Day in Review

So on August 9, the 2016/17 school year started for me. I missed it though. From what I saw, my school celebrated the Olympics. Looked fun but I missed it, too bad.

So the next day was my first day of Junior year. Here's the first day in review I guess.


Alright, so Mom got me up at like 6:30 in the morning, got dressed, got my phone, got my charger, took my medicine, got in the car, and drove to the school.

The beginning of the school day kinda sucked, though,..

We haven't got our schedule yet, so we went to the guidance office to pick it up. Something happened though, we were waiting for a really long time and then they told us that they un-enrolled me because I missed the day before.

What in the actual fuck...

So after all that mess up I eventually got my schedule, my locker, etc. So I went to my 5th period class to discuss stuff (school rules, etc.). After the bell rang (or not) we went to my first period class.

My first period class (Algebra II) was great! I had a nice teacher, and most of my friends were there. It was fine so far.

Second period (English III), however wasn't so fluid. The room I was put in was a little room the school liked to call the "Will Room". Basically its the detention room. It didn't even look like an English class at all, everyone was rowdy and misbehaved, the teacher didn't look nice at all, it was awful.

So the principal or whatever this guy's job is called some of us to his office and asked me why I was there. I told him I had absolutely no idea. The other people were in there for failing English last year. I didn't fail English last year, though.

So he called the guidance or whatever and they said it was a schedule mixup. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?!??!? I WAS PLACED IN A SHITTY CLASS THAT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE AN ENGLISH CLASS?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!!

They eventually got it fixed, I'm now in a better English class that is more civilized and has a better, much nicer teacher.

Third period, time to continue my CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) education with Industrial Drafting. Oh wait, the class is full. Yeah, after roll was called I wasn't even called. So the Tech School principal came in and said that the class was full.


We haven't even got that resolved last time I checked. It's still a good class though.

Fourth period, now this was pretty hard to choose. I didn't have to take a Science class this year so I got to choose two electives. One I forgot, I think it was some baby class, or Greenhouse Technology.

I don't want to have that baby class so I chose Greenhouse Technology, Basically we go outside to a nice greenhouse and plant things. We haven't done anything yet but I might like it. We'll see.

Fifth period, it's just a homeroom class. Nothing really special.

Now sixth period, I am really not looking forward to this. Spanish. Oh boy.

I really believe I don't need Spanish because I don't think I'll ever use it in the future. The sad part is that it's required if you want to go to College. WHY?!

Hell, in the second half of my 6th grade year I learned a bit of Japanese, but then I soon forgot it. It's sad I know,

So our Spanish teacher, who is not Mexican or Spanish, is actually really nice. I know this since I've known him since freshman year.

Still not looking forward to Spanish though. We'll see how it goes.

The seventh and last period, U.S. History. It's your typical U.S. History class. Teacher is nice and everything. Funny thing is that the classroom looks more like a kitchen than a classroom! lol

Then we head home. The day is over.


Junior year is OK so far. Apart from the schedule fuck ups it's all good. I got nice classes, nice teachers, etc. We'll see how it goes, but for now, it's what it is.